Time-tested technology and relentlessly creative innovation are fundamental to each and everyone of Burlington's product. Against this elemental backdrop, Burlington is also the trademark owner and distributor of four internationally renowned brands of socks.



Burlington Performance Socks


Burlington® BioFresh®

Burlington Biofresh, an antimicrobial socks that help keep feet fresh and odor free. These ultra-modern socks have Biofresh guards against embarrassing moments.

Burlington Shock XT

Burlington Socks XT, impact absorbing socks technologically designed to prevent injuries for players who train on hard surfaces. The socks wield extra thick pads, yet are lightweight while cushioning the foot and protecting the knees and back. The XT’s yarn composition and construction assist in the prevention of blisters and abrasions.


Camp Outdoor Socks

Camp Outdoor Socks, or casual walking, trekking or simply enjoying the feel of nature. The brand caters to the young, adventurous and free spirited.


Puma Sports Socks

Puma Sports Socks, quality brand designed for special types of wear – made from high quality cotton and worn by select athletes. Knee length football socks line are favorites among soccer players.


Bally Socks

Bally formal socks, catering to those with a taste for elegance and impeccable dress styles. For people who want to look, and feel, their best.


Brand Values

Succinctly, Burlington is The Sock Authority. Exclamation point. That single sentence captures and fulfills the company's corporate mission, providing the highest quality socks at affordable prices.

What's lifted Burlington to level is embodied in its corporate beliefs, which is two-fold. Firstly, the company has a firm commitment towards human resources development through skills training, the spirit of teamwork, and the maintenance of a positive work environment wherein spirited values and dedication to the fulfillment of responsibilities are instilled. Secondly, constant innovation is exemplified through the application of the latest technologies, a continuous review of the production processes, as well as the acquisition and use of superior materials, designs and creativity.

The bottom line result is reasonably priced, world class products for consumers that exude the company's battle cry: Burlington "Stays Stronger Longer!" Finally, Burlington's very existence and success is founded on the development of the Philippines' youth and citizentry. Combined, all these qualities makes Burlington an indisputable superbrand.

Moreover, Burlington Industries is also current licensee in the Philippines the highly prestigious Slazenger, Baleno and Hotwheels brands of socks. In terms of availability, Burlington's high quality products are extensively distributed around the country and can be bought in department stores, boutiques, shoe stores and sporting goods stores.

In its impressive accessories line, the company features prestigious Trek Gear and impact lines of bags. Manufactured with rugged materials and long lasting workmanship, these backpacks cater to the youth of the country, supplying needs for schooling and virtually every outdoor activity there is. Other accessories include comfortable and high absorbent head and wristbands.